Neuro Norm

Neurological Awareness & Education

We are all differently normal.

We all have quirks, unique oddities that make us individuals. Often those quirks are a part of a larger diagnosis that can sometimes impact our daily life in ways we wish we could better control. Most importantly though, we are all on this journey together. The more we understand ourselves, each other, and the ways we interact, the better this journey will be.

I believe there are 4 key areas we need to understand in order to make life less complicated, less stressful, and more functional: Diagnosis, Environment, Health, and Therapy.
  • In order to truly understand ourselves and those around us we need an understanding of the Diagnoses that may apply.
  • Our Environment plays a large part in our health and functionality, from toxins to stimuli.
  • An understanding of the first two steps can lead to better Health, both in mind and body.
  • And finally, there are many types of Therapies that can be useful for fine tuning our systems to relate better to the people and the world around us. 
We are all part of the same neurological spectrum, using our own colors to make the world a beautiful place.
We highly recommend discussing any change in your health plan with your healthcare provider. Every family and every individual is unique, no one treatment or suggestion will work for everyone. Please use the information shared on this site to research more what might personally work for you.
Neuro Norm offers informational classes and individual consultations to help families and educators better understand, manage, and address the symptoms of common neurological disorders.
All art on this website is the creation of the very talented Phillip Martin.